Johns Point – Gloucester

If you don’t see the day/time/location listed online, please call! +1 (804) 695-4660 

Wrapping our water trail around John’s Point, we’re in the perfect place to view several historic homes, and catch the sunset over Bryant Bay on the way back to the launch site. We’ll discuss one of the Chesapeake Bays most profitable and delicious bivalves, the oyster, and its presence in the Severn River. Guests get to learn the local history about the ancestors of our Nation’s first President and England’s Queen Elizabeth II as they enjoy the calm, wildlife filled Severn River.

Paddling along part of the Severn River leaves us exposed to wind conditions during a portion of the tour, but hidden down the more sheltered Whittaker Creek as well. This tour is $60 for adults and $35 for children. Located in southern Gloucester County, just over the Coleman Bridge and then following the Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail (driving) to the unique launch site.