Big Island – Gloucester

If you don’t see the day/time/location listed online, please call! +1 (804) 695-4660 

Not only is Big Island an enchanting brackish water area teeming with life, it’s also extremely rich in history. Once occupied by past generations of watermen, Big Island is now partially owned by the Nature Conservancy and only inhabited by an abundance of coastal creatures. Learn of the Guinea area of Gloucester and the hardships and successes of the watermen that call this isolated marshy peninsula home. Beautiful clear waters surround uninhabited Bay islands, supporting a diversity of marine life and coastal birds. Typically we’ll have time to get out, stretch our legs, and take some photographs!

Open to the larger waters of the Mobjack Bay and York River, this tour is ideal for less windy days, or paddlers who don’t mind a bit more work on a slightly windy day.

This tour is only $55 for each adult and $30 for each child. We meet in the parking lot of the WALGREENS Pharmacy on the west side of Highway 17, just over the Coleman Memorial Bridge from Yorktown.