Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q) How much experience is necessary?

    A) None. We specialize in making first-time kayakers comfortable on the water, while still making the experience enjoyable for returning paddlers.

  • Q) How physically demanding are the tours?

    A) Only a minimal degree of fitness is necessary as our tours are on flat water and we take many breaks to relay historic information and discuss wildlife. If this is a concern feel free to request one of our shorter and more sheltered locations.

  • Q) What should I bring? (Click here for a printer friendly copy of checklist)

    A) Water, sunblock, hat, camera, zip lock or dry bag, sunglasses (with strap), insect repellant, towel (for the car), change of clothes (if you are going directly to another activity), cash for tip (if your guide does an excellent job), snack, any special medical needs (inhaler, EpiPen, diabetes friendly snack, etc. – guide will have basic first aid kit), your smile!

  • Q) What should I wear?

    A) Quick drying, breathable clothing is always best. Active sandals are ideal, but some people wear sneakers or flipflops, what ever you are comfortable in, just know they may get wet. If you are enjoying an early spring or late fall cooler weather tour, warm footwear such as boots or galoshes might be best for you and please wear layered clothing. Also, if it looks like rain, please bring a rain jacket or poncho.

  • Q) Do I need to bring my own lifejacket or other gear?

    A) We supply the kayak, life jacket (PFD), paddle, and our guide has a dry sack for small items such as car keys.

  • Q) Can I bring my camera, phone, or other device?

    A) Most people choose to bring a digital camera or cell phone or choose use a disposal camera. Any option is fine and done at your own risk, however, we do suggest carrying these items in a zip lock bag while paddling and removing them when photo opportunities arise.

  • Q) What ages/weights do the kayaks accommodate?

    A) We have kayaked with customers from age 3 to 88, so there are no age restrictions. Our smallest life jacket (PFD) fits a child as small as 30 lbs, however, if you have a smaller child and an approved life jacket (PFD) for them, we are happy to have them on the tour, particularly as our tandem boats have an extra, center seat for such special little guests! Our single kayaks have a capacity of 300 lbs, however, if you are over 250 lbs and have not kayaked previously, we suggest joining a friend or family member in a tandem (two person) kayak, which have a total maximum capacity of 500 lbs.

  • Q) What kind of kayaks do you use?

    A) All of our kayaks are sit-in kayaks, however, they have very large cockpits, allowing for easy entry/exit and lending to a roomy feel. Our single kayaks are Pamlico 120’s by Wilderness Systems and our tandem (double) kayaks are Prodigy II 14.5’s by Perception.

  • Q) Are the tours rain or shine?

    A) As long as the temperature is acceptable, we do hold tours in moderate rains. If lightning is likely, we will decide to cancel or reschedule the tour.

  • Q) Can I consume alcohol or tobacco while on the tour?

    A) Insurance regulations prevent the consumption of alcohol. In consideration of other customers and due to fire-safety issues, tobacco products are not permitted on our tours.

  • Q) What is the cancellation policy?

A) We have a 73 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel your reservation at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled tour, you will be issued a full refund – but please let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to keep your commitment. If we decide to cancel the tour, due to weather, then a full refund can be issued inside the 72 hour window.

More questions? Please call +1 (804) 695-4660